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Washington DC Workplace Injury Lawyers Protecting Injured Employees

All employees are entitled to safe working conditions free from unreasonable hazards and harassment.  Unfortunately, many workers endure hazardous conditions and a hostile environment because they fear retaliation from their employers if they report safety violations; workplace injuries; or verbal, sexual, or physical abuse.  DC and Federal laws require adequate safety precautions and forbid on-the-job harassment and abuse.  Regulations such as workers compensation laws are in place to protect employees who seek compensation for workplace injuries.  If you have suffered a physical injury or stress-related injury due to unsafe working conditions or abuse, make sure your rights are protected by hiring an experienced Washington DC workplace injury lawyer


Aggressive Litigation by a Reputable DC Workplace Injury Attorney

Since 1972, Jacoby & Meyers has been fighting to protect the rights and livelihood of injured workers.  Our firm’s DC workplace injury attorneys represent employees who have suffered accident injuries, repetitive strain injuries, and illnesses caused by hazardous working conditions.  We also provide legal representation to those suffering stress injuries such as hypertension, heart attack, and mental health issues resulting from an abusive or dangerous workplace.  We protect the legal rights of injured workers and protect them from reprisal by vindictive employers.

Cases handled by our workplace injury lawyers in DC include:

  • Industrial accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals or substances
  • Stress injuries and  anxiety disorders from abuse or harassment
  • Denial of legitimate worker’s compensation claims

Whether your injuries are the result of a sudden accident or they are the accumulation of years of repetitive motion, toxic exposure, or stress, a DC workplace injury lawyer with one of the largest, best-known law firms in the nation can go to bat for you.


Compensation Available for Workplace Injuries

If you have been hurt on the job, a DC workplace injury lawyer with Jacoby & Meyers can closely analyze your case to determine the best method for pursuing compensation for your injuries.  Financial compensation is generally available through either a workers compensation claim or a personal injury lawsuit.

Workers compensation benefits cover the medical expenses including diagnosis and treatment of workplace injuries and provide compensation for resulting long-term disability.  It is not necessary to prove that an employer’s negligence led to your injury in order to receive workers compensation benefits. A DC workplace injury lawyer can help you file your workers compensation claim to provide financial stability for your family.

In some cases, it may be more beneficial to file a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent party than to file a workers compensation claim.  While workers compensation can provide medical costs and disability, a personal injury lawsuit may seek monetary damages for non-financial ramifications such as pain and suffering.

Call Jacoby and Meyers to find a Washington DC workplace injury lawyer who can carefully evaluate your case to uncover the best strategy for obtaining maximum compensation for your injury.


Find an Experienced Workplace Injury Lawyer in DC – Call Jacoby & Meyers to Handle Your Case

Schedule an appointment with an experienced DC workplace injury attorney.  Put the experience of one of the largest law firms in the nation to work for you.  Call Jacoby & Meyers today.

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